Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Busy

No time to blog lately, but finally a little time while the little lady is sleeping! We have had an exciting couple of weeks. UW-Whitewater had a sand volleyball tournament benefit for Grace "Hope for Grace". It was a lot of fun and it was a beautiful day! We appreciate all of their support!

Grace also got her first ear infection. She had tubes put in her ears when she was two weeks old and they have been working great until now. She is not feeling well and not getting much sleep at all. I am hoping the meds kick in soon and hopefully in a couple of days things will be better.

Grace is getting her hearing aid on Thursday and I am so excited. I hope she doesn't hate it! I also hope it makes a difference for her.

Today Grace had her first trip to Lake George. My parents have a trailer on the lake there. I grew up with my parents taking me there every weekend, starting when I was only a week old! It was a special day taking Grace there today. Hopefully it will warm up soon and then we will be able to go swimming and for a walk!

Grace will be 8 months old soon, where does time go? Here are some 7 month pictures:

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  1. She is such a precious little thing! She'll love the water....Makily really loves it. It takes a little bit but once she's used to it, she's a laughing splashing kid!