Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not So Happy Easter

Poor seems that whenever a holiday comes around we are at the hospital. Halloween, Thanksgiving, a couple weeks before Christmas, and now we find ourselves here again on Easter. The last four days or so Grace has been battling another cold. I spent some time at home last week taking care of her but things got worse on Friday and we took Grace into her pediatrician. He diagnosed her with bronchiolitis. He prescribed steroids to help and said things should get better. But things only got worse and Grace's cough was so bad that she would turn bright red almost purple and not be able to catch her breath. We took her to the ER yesterday and spent 5 hours there until they admitted Grace to the hospital. She got their attention fast when she had a coughing fit and was having a hard time breathing. The first assessment was that Grace had pneumonia. I was terrified knowing that for kids with Emanuel Syndrome...this could be very serious. After coming up to the room different doctors took a look and think that her x-ray does not show pneumonia...they felt it looked more like RSV, because the symptoms get worse before they get better...but that test has come back negative. She had also had the RSV shots to help prevent RSV... So for now she seems to be a little better and the plan is to get her off of the oxygen today and go home tomorrow. The Easter Bunny did bring a basket to the hospital with candy for mom and dad, and a book, sleep sack, and little lamb for Grace. The hospital is always so great! I also hear that the "grandma and grandpa bunny" stopped at our house and left a surprise! Grandma Kathy and Papa Tim came back from their vacation in Florida and brought Grace the cutest princess outfit and sweater...she will look so cute in it! Mom and Dad's friends...Pete and Jenna brought candy for mom and dad and a cute bunny for thoughtful! So it has been a pretty nice day after all, but still can't wait to get home and for Gracie to feel better! Hope everyone has a great Easter.


  1. Oh yuk!! I'm sorry for Grace's bad spell. Jillian had many "colds" (for lack of better term, but hardly adequate to describe them) that seemed to turn bad quickly when she was small. Thankfully that tendency has greatly improved with her growth and maturity. May God bless Grace with healing and strength. Thank you Jesus for bearing those stripes making it possible for her to be healed!!

  2. Reading this is like reading about Makily when she was Grace's age. It's so strange. The Holiday in the hospital thing....oh yes....we did that Several Easter's, July 4th, Halloween, our anniversary......I'm praying for her....