Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hip Hip Horray, I am 7 Months Old Today!

I can't believe that Grace is 7 months old...time flies! To bad she was sick with a cold. Mommy got to stay home with her and is glad she is feeling a little better. Grace is doing a few new things. She is constantly babbling which is so fun to hear and watch! She continues to work on holding up her head...and today she even laid on her tummy and lifted it up for a short time. She used to hate her tummy time! Sleeping has some sort of pattern...usually. She gets to sleep by 10 and then is up by 1am. Awake for an hour or two. Then up around 4 or 5. So we do get some sleep. Car rides are better! She has learned to fall asleep which makes for a much more relaxing ride. Although Grace still loves to bounce on her exercise ball...we don't have to use it much anymore. We usually bounce her to sleep, she still won't fall asleep on her own yet. Grace loves bath time! We are looking forward the weather warming up so that we can take her swimming! Grace is concentrating on people more and watches us when we walk by or walk away from her. She is also starting to act like she wants to roll over...arching her back and raising her arm way up...so cute! Take a look at Grace's new bib mommy got her...so true!

Dear Grace,

You have been through so much in your short little life. You are such a fighter. There have been some very hard days but mommy always said...life gets much better. We are so happy that you are finally able to enjoy being here with us...you are our angel! Happy 7 months! We are so proud of everything that you can do and we love you!


Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I love her new bib, made me smile. She sounds like she is doing so well! Yay Grace!