Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gracie's Ride

Gracie's Ride began because friends and family saw how hard it was for us to take Grace from place to place in our SUV. In order to take a trip anywhere we had to first load the car with Grace's Wheelchair, feeding pump, suction, and diaper bag. Then put Grace into her car seat, and off we go. Then when we get to where we need to be, we unload it all. It is truly exhausting going anywhere.

So the idea of getting a wheelchair accessible van for Grace came into our minds. After looking into it, and finding out how expensive it would be to get a van with a wheelchair lift, we let the idea go, because it was something we could never afford. This is where the idea for "Gracie's Ride" began.

The planning began about a year before the event. Many of our family and friends spent many hours planning this very special event for our family.  We couldn't believe the support from everyone, even people that had never met our family! It was all very overwhelming.  We can never thank all that were involved enough!

The day of the event came and oh my gosh, it was bigger than we could have ever imagined! Walking into the benefit for the first time, so many feelings rushed over us...I could only cry. All of the support and love for Grace...she has truly brought so many people together! There were over 300 things donated for the silent auction, tons of food,  and great entertainment.  Grace was a trooper, she stayed the whole time, just loving all the people and music.

In the end, we were able to purchase our van and we are now just waiting to get the call that it is ready for us to pick up. I can only imagine how much easier this is going to make our lives. We are so excited and grateful to you all!

We all wore Gracie's Team Shirts, pink of course!

The girl scouts helped in the kids corner, they make Grace her own vest!

A very special wagon donated to Grace!

Grace spent the night in the rocking chair

Daddy, Grandma, and Grace
Look at all the people who love us!

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