Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Are Very Blessed!

There are a lot of new things happening in Grace's life since I have written last!

In January, Gracie's Ride became a reality! After a very successful benefit, put on by our amazing family and friends Grace got her new van.  I don't know how we got Grace from place to place before this van! It is absolutely amazing. It is so easy to buckle Grace's wheelchair down and be on our way.  Grace loves her new van as much as we do.  She used to hate riding in the car, but now she is more comfortable and happy when riding in the van.  She actually smiles and gets so excited when she knows that we are going somewhere! We are forever grateful to all that helped make this dream a reality!

Grace on her way in the van

In January, after a battle with our insurance company, we were able to get Grace a very special bed.  It is called a SleepSafe bed.  It is fully electric, so that we can easily raise and lower her for dressing and diaper changing.  The head of the bed also elevates to help ease Grace's reflux at night.  Mommy and Daddy can also crawl in to cuddle and help Grace fall asleep.  It is awesome!  Grace thinks she is a big shot in her new bed!

All cozy

Such a big girl in her new bed

The biggest change will happen in August, Grace is going to be a big sister.  We found out in February that Grace will be a big sister to a healthy baby boy named, Brady.  We have been reading her books about becoming a big sister, and she smiles when we talk about her brother.  It will be a big change, but we think Grace and Brady will be the best of friends! 
I'm Going to be a BIG SISTER!

My brother, Brady

Daddy reads me a book about my Baby Brother

Another big change is that in February we moved into a new home! We love that it is a ranch style, with no steps!  Everything is very open, so it is much better for Grace.  It is also in McFarland, where I teach and where Grace will start Early Childhood!

And that brings us to a big change happening in September...Grace will turn 3 and that means she will be starting Early Childhood!  The best thing about Grace going to school here in McFarland is that my school is right next door...just a few steps away.  I know all of the staff that will be working with her, which makes sending her off to school just a little bit easier.  We met with the school and all of the people that will be working with Grace.  We had her IEP, and some great goals were set for Grace to work on this school year.  She will go to school in the mornings for three hours.  Beau will drop her off and she will take the bus home...yes that is right my baby girl is taking the bus! I think she will really like her new school and making new friends!

The other blessing that has taken place recently is that we found out that Grace would qualify for some Home Health Care services.  We now have a college student, who is wonderful with Grace, coming into our home 4 days a week, for 3 hours each day.  She helps will all of Grace's care, therapy, and feedings. It gives Beau and I some time to get things done and run errands too.  We are so grateful for this time!

Grace's health has been stable and her kidneys have actually improved just a little bit.  We continue to pray that Grace stays healthy and makes strides each day.  She has been such a happy sweet girl and gives her mommy and daddy lots of laughs and smiles!  She is so much fun and we are looking forward to seeing Grace and Brady together soon!

At the zoo with mommy and daddy

Getting to be such a big girl. So pretty!