Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grace turns 2!!!

I am not sure where the time has gone, but our baby turned 2 on September 7th!!!  This year was a much happier celebration for me, not sure why...maybe I am getting used to the idea that Grace isn't the average 2 year old. No that is not it...I will never get used to that. Birthdays bring the reminders of the milestones children reach. Two means, running, talking, causing trouble....but for Grace it means another year of challenges, but we are so grateful for another year! It is hard knowing all that Grace has to go through! I just try not to think about all the challenges, and concentrate on the happy things, and there are a lot of happy things! Grace has made amazing progress this year, and I just look forward to what comes next.  Anyway, she was so happy on her birthday! She knew it was a special day. All giggles and smiles this year! We celebrated by having a small party for her. She enjoyed opening her presents and playing with them. The frosting on the cake was good too! She loved looking at her candles and listening to everyone singing to her. It was a priceless day! Happy 2nd birthday to our Amazing little lady! We love you so much Grace!
So Happy to be 2!

Jambos from Mommy and Daddy

I LOVE Elmo!

My first Cake

All my cousins were at my party too!!!

Me and Grandma Great