Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About time for an update!!!

Not sure where my time goes...but I found a little bit of time for an update. Grace is doing so well! She is working so hard with her therapists on holding her head up and communication. They have been doing a lot of supported sitting with her as well as tummy time. She really enjoys sitting and looking around...it's a whole new view when you’re not laying on the floor! She is also working on getting used to her stander. She spends only about 15 minutes at a time in it, but this is a big improvement because she used to hate it! As for communication, Grace has really made some progress. She responds with big smiles to let us know that she thinks something is funny or that she likes it. This melts mommy and daddy's heart every single time (we waited a long time for those smiles!) Her speech therapist is also working on getting Grace to show us when she wants something. This has been pretty amazing. If we stop doing something she likes and she wants more, Grace will kick her legs and sometimes "coo" or make a noise to let us know she wants more. We have also been working on the sign for mommy, daddy, more, and all done. Not sure if she will ever use signing as a form of communication, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

As far as her health goes...her kidneys remain stable, and her blood work is down to every other month! We got some great news from her heart Dr., her last ECHO showed that both of her holes in her heart are now closed! He told us that Grace's heart is no longer a concern, and we no longer have to see him. One less Dr, it was a very great day! Otherwise Grace has been pretty healthy, just colds that we pray don't turn into something bigger. Grace is growing and getting heavier everyday! She now weighs 20 lbs 15 oz! In the 65th percentile for her weight!

Christmas was a lot of fun. Grace LOVES all of the lights. She enjoys doing tummy time in front of the tree, and I have to say, she may be sad when we take it down! She got some new toys that she loves...a monkey from her cousin, that we named Marty the Monkey, a sing along stage from Grandma Kathy, and lots of clothes from Grandma Deb. It has been so nice being home with daddy and Grace this week! Lots of time cuddling with her, it is wonderful. Grace will also be going on her first trip to Wisconsin Dells! We are taking her to Great Wolf Lodge, I hope she likes the water. It should be lots of fun!

Hoping the new year brings more great news for Grace…she is such an amazing girl and has come so far in the last year. We are so proud of her!